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Revive Wellness Center specializes in rejuvenating your appearance by offering cosmetic and surgical procedures designed to meet your skincare and aesthetic needs. Women and men in Torrance and Palm Springs, California, can count on customized treatment plans and individualized attention. Patients can find everything they need, from advanced laser treatments that restore a more youthful appearance to plastic surgery for more comprehensive solutions to aging.

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We offer a range of surgical services designed to help you achieve your aesthetic goals with precision and care.


We offer a variety of treatments designed to enhance your natural beauty without the need for invasive procedures.

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Revive Wellness Center

Our clinics specialize in both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to enhance your natural beauty and confidence. 

Whether you’re considering a subtle enhancement or a transformative change, our team of expert surgeons and skilled nurse practitioners is dedicated to delivering personalized care and stunning results. 

With state-of-the-art facilities and a commitment to safety and satisfaction, Revive Wellness Centers are your trusted partners on your journey to radiance.

Our Specials

Spring Toxin Special

Jueveau - "The NEW TOX" | $220 on Frown Lines Area

Save $1250 on Stretch Marks - Get ready for Spring Break

Treatment targets the stretch mark scars with RF MicroNeedling - Smoothing the crepey scarred skin -AND- for collagen building! Special includes two treatments.

Save $125 on Carbon Laser Facial

Treatment targets stubborn oil trapped in the pores, to vaporize blackheads. The NEW way to exfoliate!

$129 for Venus on Cellulite.

Spring Specials Expire on April 30, 2024

Revitalize Your Beauty with Our Specials

Revive Wellness Centers

Medical Aesthetics & Cosmetic Surgery Centers located in Torrance & Palm Springs, CA


“Love it! Love it! Love it! An enjoyable experience from beginning to end.”

Catherine F.

“I really love the service here. Definitely coming back!”

Chrislee L.

“I recommend this business to anyone.”

DeAnn J.

“Thank you Revive Wellness Center, I will definitely be back!”

Brittany F.

“Really amazing place- I was hooked the first time I went in- they are friendly and warm.”

Sarah K.

“I love going to Revive because, the staff is amazing and the nurses are fantastic.”

Faith P.

Shondra is amazing. She takes her time making sure you are happy with the results. The staff is friendly and helpful as well.

Byan B.

Love her work! Shonda is the best:)

Shanna C.

Shonda is amazing! Her treatments are very effective, she listened my concerns and made great recommendations!

Mona C.

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